Súthen Canvas Handbag

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Súthen, was an Elf maiden of Dor, the wife of the kind of man, and the most beautiful of all the Children of Iivatar to ever live. Her love of the mortal, for which she was prepared to risk everything, including her life, was legendary and lamented forever in song and story.

This rainbow pallet satchel has it all and comes with endless possibilites to be pared with and is forgiving of variety of colours. We will leave it up to your imagination and your closet picks and we know that no matter what you pick to wear it with, hold it as a tote or crossbody, you will look stunning as always. It is soft, spacey made of high quality canvas with a interior compartment, interior zipper pocket, interior slot pocket and a cell phone pocket so you will always know where everything is and never lose a second searching for that one thing you need right then and there.

Measuring 30cm(Width)*31cm(Height)*14cm(Thickness) put together with superb quality stitching it will be your most loyal companion in your collection.

Size: 30cm(Width)*31cm(Height)*14cm(Thickness)