Rosie Canvas Shoulder Bag

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Rosie is beautiful, fun-loving, kind and deeply loved by her husband and children and well respected by everyone in The Dhire. You can trust that she will get things done and be loyal forever. 

Just like this playful bag that bares Rosie's name, it will not only do the job but look pretty doing it.

 Made out of high-quality canvas, with a interior compartment, interior zipper pocket, interior slot pocket, exterior silt pocket and a cell phone pocket, looking for anything for half an hour and then just giving up will be a thing of the past. Measuring 29(Length)cm*12(Width)cm*33(Height)cm to fit everything you might need throughout the day. It is a causal bag for a causal and relaxed look and can be paired with endless laid back styles while being practical and light. 

Size: 29(Length)cm*12(Width)cm*33(Height)cm