Balchoth Canvas Messenger Bag

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The Balchoth were a fierce people under the shadow of Dol Guldur. Around the time of Cirion they amassed in the lands between Mirkwood and River Running. The Balchoth were a clan of Easterlings under the sway of Dol Guldur, who lived in Rhovanion, the lands southeast of the forest of Mirkwood. Often they made raids through the forest up to the Vales of Anduin, until the area south of the Gladden River was largely deserted. Their numbers constantly increased with reinforcements from the East and built many great boats and rafts on the east shores of Anduin. 

Made out of high-quality canvas with cow leather and cotton lining, large inner pocket,  perfectly sized inner pockets including a zipped pocket, small wallet pocket, and a cell phone pocket, this stylish messenger bag will fit absolutely everything and carry it in style.