Our Story

Timeless and magical like the fields of Dhire, RingBags is all about light and easy living with effortless style drizzled in fantasy for the organic inspiration in your life.


Our bags will stand by you while you get where you need to be. They will keep your precious possessions safe with undemanding style while you are busy taking on the world.


Our products would be stylish in the Dhire, as well as today and the years to come which is why we carefully source every single piece of material and design every bag sustainably and to stand the test of time never losing that unique appeal.


Let us join you through your journey to life and add a touch of magic to the way you look and more importantly to the way you feel. Let us inspire you to look at reality through a lens of fantasy.


Write to us if you don’t find the style you are after, have any suggestions, would like to take a shot at designing your own bag or just want to say hi! We are always here in the North Shore of the Dhire waiting to answer your letters.


Yours truly,

Maria Luce

Founder RingBags